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Cash Offer
How does RealSure decide my home’s value?

We review local market conditions, similar recently sold homes, and your home’s details that you or your agent provided during your cash offer request.

I just listed my home on the MLS–can I still request a cash offer?

Yes! You can still request a RealSure Cash Offer, even if your home is already listed with a participating agent.

How long is the Cash Offer valid after it is initially provided?

Once you receive a published cash offer from RealSure, you have seven days to accept. 

If I don’t get another offer at the end of the 45 days, do I have to accept the RealSure Cash Offer?

No! You never have to accept the RealSure Cash Offer. Simply let it expire at the end of the 45 days, penalty free.

Are there any enrollment fees to use RealSure?

No! That’s the best part, enrolling is free! There is no obligation with Realsure, and you will not be charged any service fees if you choose not to sell.

When can I accept the RealSure Cash Offer?

You can accept at any point during the 45 Day period, simply by filling out the Notice of Acceptance Form found in our website’s document library.

What goes into the RealSure Service Fee?

Our fees can be as low as 2.5%. The RealSure Service Fee can be as low as 2.5% and goes towards RealSure’s costs in buying, holding, and re-selling your home. You only pay the service fee if you sell to RealSure.

Flex Stay
What is Flex Stay?

After selling to RealSure, Flex Stay gives you the ability to stay in your home for up to 30 days after closing to give you maximum flexibility.

When can I enroll in Flex Stay?

You can notify RealSure of your interest in Flex Stay when you accept the RealSure Cash Offer.

Is there a minimum amount of time I must choose to stay in my home with Flex Stay?

No, you have the flexibility to stay as little as one day up to 30 days (or anywhere in between). The choice is yours.

What are the fees for Flex Stay?

The fees include a security deposit and a daily occupancy fee, which are based on your home’s price. These fees are deducted at closing when you sell your home to RealSure.

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RealSure may be right for you, if you

Have already found your next home

Movin’ on up… and moving out. You have your new place and need to sell, so you don’t want an open-ended timeline. But, you also want to be sure you’re getting the best possible price for it.


RealSure may be right for you, if you

Have an agent you trust

Agents are awesome. Cash offers are too. With your cash offer in hand, you have 45 days to list your property with a participating local real estate agent, and then decide to accept the offer you prefer or walk away.


RealSure may be right for you, if you

Want to relocate

The grass is sometimes greener. Whether you found a new job or work remotely and want to try a new city, knowing you can sell your home so you can buy your next one is key.


RealSure may be right for you, if you

Experience a sudden life change

Life happens when you least expect it. You’re more interested in unlocking your home’s value quickly than you are in staging, showing and negotiating over a price tag.