Introducing RealSure Edge,
a new way to do FHA.

Make your FHA offer as attractive as cash, giving you
something you haven’t had before — the winning edge.

For FHA Buyers

A powerful ally to help you compete

For homeownership hopefuls with lower credit and less money to put down, RealSure Edge is a pilot program that puts buyers using FHA-insured loans on more equal footing with other bidders by transforming their offers into competitive cash offers.

Currently available in the Charlotte Metro area with more locations on the way.

How it works

More certainty + more options

RealSure Edge provides cash backing, removes the financing and appraisal contingencies, and helps meet the exacting standards of FHA loan requirements, giving you and sellers more certainty.

Even if a low appraisal causes the FHA financing to fall through, RealSure steps in with options to get you in the door now and buy the home later.

For buyers, sellers, and agents, RealSure Edge is the added confidence that’s been missing from the FHA equation.

Get the edge that gets you ahead.

With RealSure Edge, buyers using an FHA-insured loan can waive the financing contingency and make a more confident offer. Here's how:

Get Lender Approval

Apply for lender approval using our secure platform.

Qualify for the Program

Answer pre-qualification questions to enroll in the Edge program.

Check Home Eligibility

Find a home you love and your participating agent will confirm that it’s eligible for the program.

Make Your Offer
with Confidence

With lender and property approval, you can now make an offer knowing RealSure has your back.

Consider the door open.

Not all offers are equal. RealSure Edge adds the power and cash backing of RealSure to an FHA-insured loan. With the help of an expert agent, you’re better positioned than ever to win.

  Traditional FHA Offer RealSure Edge Offer
FHA + the power and cash
backing of RealSure
Cash Offer
Waive appraisal contingency  
Waive financing contingency  
Cash-backed buying power  
Guidance of a trusted agent
Seller certainty    

RealSure helps you win at home ownership.

Which program is right for you?

RealSure Edge

Cash-backed FHA Loan

  • Have lower credit (minimum FICO score of 580)
  • Have a higher level of debt
  • Can put less money down (3.5%)
RealSure Buy

Cash-backed Conventional Loan

  • Have higher credit (minimum FICO score of 700)
  • Lower debt-to-income (DTI) ratio
  • Have at least 10% down


RealSure Edge
What is RealSure Edge?

RealSure Edge is a new, innovative program providing Charlotte buyers with an unexpected edge that gets more people on the path to homeownership. It combines an FHA-insured loan with the assurance, support and financial strength of RealSure, making offers as attractive as cash. RealSure Edge provides new certainty around offers made with FHA-insured loans.

What makes RealSure Edge unique?

RealSure Edge was created to put people buying with an FHA-insured loan on more equal footing with other bidders. The program provides cash backing, removes the financing and appraisal contingencies, and helps meet the exacting standards of the FHA-insured loan requirements.

What makes FHA-insured loans different from Conventional loans?

Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans are government-backed loans which typically allow borrowers to have lower credit scores and put less money down than conventional loans. FHA-insured loans require special appraisals and while these additional steps may seem like a hassle, they’re actually meant to protect you from buying a home that’s not sound. These appraisals seek to value the home and ensure it meets the FHA’s safety and quality guidelines (e.g. any use of lead paint). If issues are identified during the FHA appraisal process, the seller must remediate the issue before closing.

FHA-insured loans also require the seller and you as the buyer to sign an Amendatory Clause which gives you, as the buyer, options in the event that the property doesn’t appraise for the state purchase price. Both the minimum property requirements and the Amendatory clause are items that can make FHA offers less attractive to sellers.

Learn more about FHA-insured loans here.

What if the property I am looking at does not meet appraisal requirements?

RealSure Edge has your back. Even if the home you’re purchasing doesn’t meet the FHA minimum property requirements during appraisal, and the seller does not want to remediate, RealSure will purchase the home and remediate the issues. You will then have the option to enter a long-term lease and a Right to Purchase Agreement, which grants you the right to purchase the property at any time during your tenancy, for up to five (5) years. This allows for the issues to be remediated while you live in your home.

FHA insures loans for the appraisal home value, rather than the purchase price. If the home value of the appraisal is lower than the purchase price of the home, you aren’t expected to cover the gap. RealSure will still buy the home and create a path for you to purchase it while you live there, through our exclusive lease-back program.

Where is RealSure Edge available?

RealSure Edge is available in these communities within the Charlotte metro across North and South Carolina.

  • Belmont, NC
  • Catawba, NC
  • Cornelius, NC
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Concord, NC
  • Cramerton, NC
  • Dallas, NC
  • Davidson, NC
  • Gastonia, NC
  • Harrisburg, NC
  • Hemby Bridge, NC
  • High Shoals, NC
  • Huntersville, NC
  • Iron Station, NC
  • Kannapolis, NC
  • Lake Park, NC
  • Lowesville, NC
  • Lowell, NC
  • Marvin, NC
  • McAdenville, NC
  • Monroe, NC
  • Mount Holly, NC
  • Matthews, NC
  • Mint Hill, NC
  • Mooresville, NC
  • Pineville, NC
  • Ranlo, NC
  • Spencer Mountain, NC
  • Stallings, NC
  • Statesville, NC
  • Troutman, NC
  • Unionville, NC
  • Waxhaw, NC
  • Weddington, NC
  • Wesley Chapel, NC
  • Westport, NC
  • Clover, SC
  • Fort Mill, SC
  • India Hook, SC
  • Indian Trail, SC
  • Lesslie, SC
  • Lake Wylie, SC
  • Newport, SC
  • Riverview, SC
  • Rock Hill, SC
  • Tega Cay, SC
How long is the review and approval process?

Our Program Lenders do an exhaustive pre-approval process to get you the best possible offer. Timing for completion of this is dependent on your ability to supply information.

Some of our lending partners can complete the pre-approval process in 24 hours with all the needed information.

What information do I need to provide to get pre-approved?

To be approved, you will need to provide income and asset documentation specific to the Program Lender. However, we advise that generally the documentation required will include the most recent 30 days of paystubs, most recent 2 years of W2's, and most recent 2 months of bank statements.

What properties are eligible for a RealSure Edge cash offers?

RealSure will cash back properties up to $550,000 in the Charlotte metro area that meet the program’s property criteria. Your agent will submit the property to Realsure for final approval and include valuation details.

Eligible properties must be:

  • Located in one of our approved communities
  • Single-family homes and fee-simple townhomes, condominiums are ineligible
  • Listed as a traditional sale or for sale by owner
  • At least two above grade bedrooms on a lot of 2 acres or less
  • New constructions homes that are 100% complete
  • Not located in an 100-year flood zone
  • Home must be less than 100 years old
  • No history of sinkhole
  • Home has central air conditioning
  • Does not have an above ground pool
  • If a HOA exists, it must not prohibit rentals.
How do I know if I am eligible for this program?

We want all hopeful buyers to get a fair chance at homeownership. Charlotte buyers with lower credit scores and less money for a down payment can get the support and assurance of RealSure. You are eligible for RealSure Edge if you meet the following criteria:

  • Have a minimum credit score FICO of 580
  • Able to provide 3.5% money down on a home
  • Household makes a minimum of $40,000 gross income per year
  • No open or unsatisfied bankruptcy
  • No member of the household has experienced rental evictions over the last 12 months or unsatisfied rental collections
  • No member of the household has felony convictions over the last 6 years
  • No member of the household is a registered sex offender or apart of any OFAC sanction lists