Cash-backed confidence

Make an offer that looks and acts like a cash offer, even when you're getting financing.

Want to be the best buyer you can be?

Get qualified for RealSure Buy before you start house hunting so you can make an offer quickly, competitively and confidently. Here's how it works:

Get lender approval

Apply for approval with a RealSure Buy lender through our secured platform.

Work with an agent

Find a home you love and your participating agent will confirm that it’s eligible for the program.

Make your cash-backed offer

With lender and property approval, you can now make an offer knowing RealSure has your back.

Compete with cash buyers by looking like a cash buyer

Sellers want offers without contingencies. When you qualify with RealSure Buy, even though you are obtaining financing you can make a cash offer.

Cash is king

It's becoming harder and harder for the average person to compete in a housing market where 30% of all offers are cash buyers and robo-buyers. RealSure Buy is here to help.

Consider the playing field leveled

RealSure Buy makes qualified purchasers who use conventional mortgage financing look to sellers like the equivalent of a cash buyer because we back your offer and remove contingencies.


Agent power + Buying power = Empowered

We believe that real estate agents are essential to a winning buying experience. The RealSure Buy program is a powerful tool in your agent’s toolkit. They can help guide you through a seamless and successful process by combining their deep knowledge of your local area with the ability to make a cash-backed offer. To be eligible for the program, just work with a participating agent from one of these leading real estate brokerages:

When you’re ready, we’re happy to make the introduction.

The advantage is real.

Not all offers are equal. With a RealSure Buy cash-backed offer, made with the help of an expert agent, you’re better positioned than ever to win at the offer table.

  RealSure Buy
Cash backed offer
+ Agent expertise
Traditional Process
Agent expertise
Partner with a trusted agent
No appraisal contingency  
Low appraisal protection  
Cash-backed buying power  
No financing contingency  

Have a lower credit score or
less cash for a down payment?

You can get on the path to homeownership with RealSure Edge, a new program that combines an FHA-insured loan with the power and cash-backing of RealSure.

Removing barriers. Unlocking options.

At RealSure, we believe homeownership is a powerful tool to build the life and future that you want. That’s what drives us to develop programs and services that help remove barriers to homeownership and give real people more options. Backed by the largest names in real estate, the RealSure Buy program was designed to help level the playing field in a housing market that’s becoming more competitive by the day.

RealSure Buy Locations

RealSure Buy is currently available in Austin, Boston, Charleston, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbia, Colorado Springs, Dallas, Denver, Lakeland, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and Tampa, and will be expanding to more locations in 2022.